Our History

From humble beginnings and countless job experiences

Started in 1987 with a push lawn mower and a “no one will out-work us” attitude, Zemba Bros. Inc. began what is known today as one of Southeastern Ohio’s largest excavation service companies. In the beginning, a resilient work ethic, unmatched customer service, and endless days of hard work were the standard. Those days were tough and long. Today, that has not changed. The Zemba brothers were “on the Move” then, and Zemba Bros. Inc. continue to be “On the Move” today in order to offer the industry’s best service on projects ranging from residential projects to large-scale commercial operations.

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Our mission

The Zemba Bros Inc. family of companies is committed to:

“Our mission is to uphold the high expectations, integrity and dedication we're known for. We do this by having the right tools, the right people and the relentless drive to be the solution.”

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